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Ayo Edebiri Felt As Stressed By Certain ‘The Bear’ Episodes As FX Show’s Audience Did

The Bear audience already wants to know when Season 2 is coming to FX, but in the meantime, the show’s stars are representing as awards season begins to unfold. Ahead of next week’s Golden Globes ceremony, the series has been nominated for Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy, and Jeremy Allen White scored a lead acting nod as well. His right hand gal (and fellow fan-thirst provoker), Ayo Edebiri, appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (via IndieWire), where the host didn’t hide his feelings about not being able to handle the show’s final episodes without a break.

Colbert was referring to Episode 7, “The Review,” which began on a celebratory note with a critical rave for The Original Beef Of Chicagoland. In response, the joint’s order volume rapidly increased (and couldn’t be stopped, for reasons), and the yelling began and tensions went sky high. Elan-Moss Bachrach’s Richie gets stabbed, Edebiri’s Sydney quits, and that’s not all. As White previously explained to IndieWire, the episode received a rewrite to be shot in one take, which likely made the shooting experience more stressful, and that translated to the audience.

After the 3:00 minute mark above, Colbert admitted to Edebiri that he actually didn’t watch the season finale yet, since he was so overwhelmed by Episode 7. She admitted that, having lived through this, she also hasn’t fully absorbed the final product: “I didn’t watch all the episodes, I think some were kind of-hard to watch.” This tracks, but for anyone who’s on the fence about finishing, I will add that matters do improve. A lot.

Previously, Edebiri commented on the whole stabbing thing, which was actually funny, as TV Guide declared, because Richie didn’t seem too shocked, which is both amazing and revealing. In response, Edebiri noted, “[T]here’s so much going on it’s not even the biggest thing. Also, this probably isn’t the first time that he’s been stabbed. He probably deserved it.”

Here’s to hoping that Richie manages to be slightly less of a menace in Season 2, but then again, what fun would that be?

(Via IndieWire & TV Guide)