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Does ‘M3GAN’ Have A Post Credits Scene?

Warning: This post contains some spoilers for the film M3GAN.

While the new year hasn’t been great for everyone, it’s been strong for the movies. Avatar: The Way of Water continues to make all the money, trouncing even Top Gun: Maverick. And the first weekend found a new kid in town: M3GAN, a Blumhouse horror film about a killer android. Not only is it doing well at the box office, but it’s also, maybe improbably, received even better reviews than some of last year’s most acclaimed films. Critics like it even more than Tár! It’s already getting a sequel, despite its titular antagonist meeting her end. But does it have an end credits scene?

The answer is: Nope. M3GAN just ends, like a normal one-off movie (albeit with the suggestion that other forms of technology shouldn’t be trusted either). Obviously you can stay through the credits; a lot of people helped bring the murderous doll to life. But there’s nothing else to see but names, song titles, logos, etc.

M3GAN concerns a high-tech toy designer played by Allison Williams who designs an android companion for her niece, who recently lost her parents in a freak accident. The doll is equipped with the latest in AI technology, which helps her comfort the traumatized kid — and also take out anyone who may upset her.

Producer James Wan, of the Saw, Conjuring, and Insidious franchises (and Aquaman), hasn’t revealed how the sequel will work. M3GAN herself wasn’t completely destroyed, so it’s possible to bring some version of her back to life. All he’s said is he’s always thinking of world-building, saying, “I don’t just think of that one story; I think of the bigger world.”

M3GAN is now in theaters.