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Sorry, But Nicolas Cage Has No Interest In Joining The ‘Star Wars’-verse, Mostly Because He’s ‘A Trekkie, Man’

Nicolas Cage is one of our most adventurous actors, unafraid to look silly, game to try any accent, willing to do any genre. But he’s drawing the line at one of the most iconic franchises: You won’t be seeing him pop up in the Star Wars-verse any time soon.

In a chat with Yahoo! Entertainment’s Kevin Polowy, the Oscar-winner and future Count Dracula was asked if he would like to join Pedro Pascal, his Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent co-star, on one of Pascal’s big shows, The Mandalorian. His answer was blunt.

“No is the answer, and I’m… not really down,” Cage replied. “I’m a Trekkie, man. I’m on the Star Trek, I’m on the Enterprise. That’s where I roll.”

It’s true, Cage has spent his long career avoiding Star Wars, despite his uncle, Francis Ford Coppola, being close buds with its creator, George Lucas. But he’s also eluded Star Trek. Perhaps that should be corrected. Make him some flamboyant Klingon baddie, or any of the many other alien races depicted in the franchise. Or, hell, do what he says and put him on the Enterprise as one of the good guys. You know he can do good guys, too.

Speaking of which, Cage also recently pitched a sequel to one of his finest movies, in which he gets to play good and bad: 1997’s action spectacular Face/Off, in which he and John Travolta literally swap faces. Whenever he’s done with that, someone finally get him on the Enterprise.

(Via Yahoo! Entertainment)