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Kevin McCarthy Is Sticking By George Santos, Despite The Unrelenting Cascade Of Evidence That He’s Probably A Total Con Man

Of the many, many things Kevin McCarthy could do to get back a scintilla of the dignity he lost — both in the eyes of the public, and his own party — during the 15 rounds of voting it took to name him Speaker of the House, condemning serial liar George Santos would be an easy one. However, as CNN reports, McCarthy has no plans to join the chorus of GOP voices calling for the newly elected New York congressman’s resignation. In fact, he says that Santos, who is currently under investigation for the bottomless cup of lies he has served up about himself during his candidacy, will receive committee assignments.

On Thursday, McCarthy held a news conference in which he discussed Santos’ future as a member of the House of Representatives. While he admitted that Santos has “a long way to go to earn trust,” he said that any complaints or calls for Santos’ head would be a matter for the House Ethics Committee to investigate (yes, the same House Ethics Committee that was all but gutted once McCarthy was put in charge — a move that Santos himself described as “fantastic”).

“The voters of his district have elected him,” McCarthy said of his decision to continue to have Santos’ back. “He is seated. He is part of the Republican conference.”

Back in Long Island, leaders of the Nassau County Republican Committee — in the district Santos represents — are also calling for the congressman’s resignation. Santos, who has lied about everything from his educational and professional background to his religion and volleyball prowess, gave a short and clear response to these calls for him to step down: “I will not.”

(Via CNN)