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Rudy Giuliani Thinks That The Biden Classified Documents Were… Planted By Obama To Prevent Old Man Joe From Running Again?

If you’re curious as to where Rudy Giuliani’s mind is at as we kick off 2023, and his unintelligible new year message didn’t give you a clue, try watching him interview a couple of camels:

If you’re still wondering whether the new year might bring a more stable mindset to the man once known as America’s Mayor, let us answer that for you in one word: no.

Rudy, who can regularly be heard complaining about how no networks want to have him on as a guest any more — and who has been known to show up for a deposition wearing two watches — actually got an invite to appear on Newsmax. And he made the most of the airtime while speaking with Jenn Pellegrino on Thursday’s “Prime News,” where he questioned the suspicious timing of the growing number of classified documents being found in all sorts of Joe Biden hidey-holes.

Whereas Trump is just outright ‘splaining that while he had the right to keep these documents (after he had declassified them using his mind, of course), Biden does not. Giuliani, meanwhile, seems to have another theory: that the documents were planted — by none other than Barack Obama.

“I think the Democrats are putting this out,” Giuliani said of his theory. “I think — and if I had to guess — Obama is calling the shots. They don’t want [Biden] on the ticket. I mean, first of all, this guy is in danger of falling apart at any minute, meaning the mouth could open and nothing will come out.”

This coming from a man who, just two weeks ago, opened his mouth and nothing actually came out. (And who also seemed confused by what year it was in the same video.)

While there would be far easier ways to convince Biden to not run again in 2024, Giuliani was on a tear; he even went so far as to compare Biden to a “mad dictator.” (This from a man, mind you, who has played sycophant to wannabe mad dictator Trump for decades):

The justification is the FBI is a law enforcement organization that is operated for the benefit of the Democrat Party and Joseph Biden. It’s state police. It’s, in the worst sense, no longer the FBI of old — not all the agents, but the ones at the top that have to do the bidding of a man who has become something closer to [a] mad dictator than president.”

You can watch the full clip here.

(Via Newsmax)