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A Bettor Put $1.4 Million To Win $11,200 On The Chargers Money Line After They Took A 27-0 Lead

The Los Angeles Chargers looked like they were headed for a blowout win over the Jaguars on Saturday night in Jacksonville after picking off Trevor Lawrence four times in the first half, taking a 27-0 lead.

Given there had only been two larger comebacks in NFL Playoffs history, it seemed like a safe bet the Chargers would go on to the Divisional Round. One bettor felt so confident in that fact that they thought it was a great time to extract a free $11,200 from DraftKings, placing a $1.4 million live bet on the Chargers ML (-12500).

From that point, the Chargers would only score three points and the Jaguars would steadily chip away at the L.A. lead, ultimately taking their first lead as the clock it triple zeros on a Riley Patterson field goal. It was as improbable a comeback as we’ve ever seen in the NFL, but considering the franchise history of the Chargers, it also felt incredibly on brand. What made it all the more incredible was that there wasn’t anything really catastrophic that the Chargers did — no pick-sixes, turnovers, or consistent busted coverages. Instead, they were just all around ineffective and made a few costly errors — one bust on a 40-yard TD, Joey Bosa’s penalty to set up a key 2-point conversion — that allowed the Jaguars to work their way back into the game.

This bettor learned the extremely hard way that there is no such thing as free money from a sportsbook, and lost out on seven-figures in the process, earning a place in the awful bets Hall of Fame.