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ASAP Rocky Shares A Reworked Video For ‘Angels,’ 10 Years After The Song’s Release

ASAP Rocky celebrated a huge milestone this past weekend. Last Saturday (January 15) marked the 10-year anniversary of his debut album, Long. Live. ASAP. Today, ASAP celebrated the anniversary of the album by sharing a reworked visual fan-favorite.

The song “Angels” was first-featured on the deluxe edition of Long. Live. ASAP, but had been acclaimed by fans since its release. On the heels of the album’s anniversary, Rocky has shared “Part II” of the song’s original video.

In the video, ASAP is seen out in Los Angeles with the ASAP Mob, including ASAP Ferg and the late ASAP Yams, who noticeably has a halo digitally imposed over his head throughout the clip. A lot has happened for ASAP over the past decade. He has released three studio albums, a furniture line called Hommemade, and has become the father to a son with Rihanna.

In a recent interview with Complex, ASAP shared that in this point of his career, he is prioritizing his artistry, first and foremost:

“I’m in a place where I want to give my all to all of this. All I have is my craft, my art, my family. That’s just my life. That’s what encompasses or completes my life at this moment. So I’m really compassionate about everything that I do. And I’ll reiterate I want to express myself musically in a way that I haven’t. And it’s such a really weird time for hip-hop. We’re losing so many legends. And the scope of the game, pop is fighting for the number one spot, as far the most predominant genre. It’s a really weird time right now. I don’t really care for the politics of it. I just want to give motherf*ckers some dope sh*t.”

Check out the “Angels” video above.