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Get Your Pottery Wheels Ready, Channing Tatum Is Developing A ‘Ghost’ Remake

Even though one Channing Tatum franchise is coming to its glistening and sweaty end, the actor already has his mind set on his next slightly-erotic project, not to be confused with Zoe Kravtiz’s Pussy Island.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the fantasy movie came up in conversation while discussing pottery. “Now I know why they put this in Ghost. This whole process is very, very sexual.” And that was enough to make him want to make the movie again, apparently! Because Tatum revealed that he is looking to remake the classic 1990 romantic drama Ghost, originally starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and an overworked slab of wet clay.

Tatum told the interviewer that his production company Free Association has been developing a remake of the fan-favorite film. “Yeah, we have the rights to Ghost,” he said, kind of incredibly, before adding that there would be some differences in the way the story is told, citing “problematic stereotypes” featured in the original flick, which, for the uninformed, tells the story of a man who gets murdered and sets out to protect his girlfriend from the men who were out to get him by using a psychic played by Whoopi Goldberg. “We’re going to do something different. I think it needs to change a little bit.”

Tatum will allegedly lead the movie as Swayze’s character, and while no other roles have been cast, we do know that Goldberg is always down to revisit some of her past roles, so maybe she can be a medium again, for old-time’s sake!

(Via Vanity Fair)