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Greta Thunberg Refused To Leave A Protest Site And Was Physically Carried Away By German Police

After a brief stint publicly beclowning misogynistic moron Andrew Tate, climate activist Greta Thunberg is already back to work protecting the environment. While protesting in Germany on Tuesday, the 20-year-old Swedish activist had to be physically carried away by the police as she joined others in an attempt to prevent the expansion of a coal mine that would destroy a nearby village.

According to police, Thunberg and others had to be removed for their own safety. Via CNN:

After the group advanced on the coal pit, police were concerned that the “masses of protesters” could set the ground in motion after it had been softened by rainfall during the last few days. Officers intervened, removing people from the “danger area” and detaining them, one of whom was Thunberg, according to police.

“We knew who she was, but she did not get VIP treatment,” Hüls said. “She did not resist,” he added.

However, police noted that this now Thunberg’s second arrest at the site, but clearly, she’s not letting that stop her. She has been tweeting aggressively about the protests and encouraging others to attend.

Thunberg’s activism arrives after she saw a significant boost in her public profile for owning Tate on Twitter. The aggressive right-wing figure attempted to impress Thunberg with his large car collection, and she responded with a solid burn on his “small d*ck energy.” Not even a day later, Tate was arrested by Romanian authorities on alleged sex trafficking charges and Thunberg was hailed as a hero for bringing him down.

Granted, their exchange ended up being a coincidence, but Thunberg had a little fun with the online myth that the pizza box in Tate’s video reply to her led to his arrest.

(Via CNN)