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Kim Kardashian Simply Will Not Stop Collecting Artifacts That Once Belonged To Iconic Celebrities

Kim Kardashian seems to be on a quest to borrow and/or purchase things from beloved icons solely because people seem to get riled up about it. We all remember what happened last year when Kardashian stepped on the Met Gala red carpet wearing Marilyn Monroe’s infamous beaded gown and subsequently set the antique garment community (they exist) ablaze. She wasn’t fazed, though!

It’s also important to remember that Kardashian does not seem to care who she upsets when purchasing various pop culture relics, like the time she bought Michael Jackson’s leather jacket and gifted it to her then 6-year-old, which is historically the only right thing to do with a $65k jacket. This time, Kardashian has shelled out even more money for a royal piece of jewelry.

The reality star purchased Princess Diana’s 5.25-karat diamond-encrusted amethyst pendant, one that was worn multiple times by the late royal. Kardashian reportedly swooped in at the last minute to purchase the piece of jewelry for a very modest $197,453. For reference, that’s about 300 orders of Kardashian’s SKKN by KIM bundles which retail at about $500 a pop.

If you need it to be broken down even further, for the price of Diana’s necklace, Kardashian could have instead bought 5,484 copies of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, which goes in-depth about both the trauma that the royals and the media have caused him and also his frozen penis.

Sources have told People that Kardashians is “honored” to have a piece of Diana’s jewelry in her collection, but who knows, maybe she’ll throw it in North West’s Christmas stocking by the end of the year.

(Via People)