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Lauren Boebert Is Very Happy That Dirt About Her Bathroom Fight With Marjorie Taylor Greene Came Out ‘Because Of How I Was Quoted’

While conservatives mainly have an adversarial relationship with the media, which they often accuse of liberal bias, Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is surprisingly happy with her latest press coverage. While appearing on Dana Loesch’s radio show, Boebert not only confirmed reports of her bathroom fight with Marjorie Taylor Greene, but she was thrilled with how the story came out.

Despite seeming like close besties during their first years in Congress, a growing blood feud between Boebert and Greene reached a boiling point during the highly contentious Speaker of the House vote. The two reportedly started yelling at each other in the ladies room. As Boebert shared details of the encounter with Loesch, the congresswoman admitted that she loved how she was quoted because of the phrase she dropped on Greene who had confronted her after emerging from a stall. Via Mediaite:

“And, but yeah I looked at her, said, I don’t have time for this. I said, ‘Don’t be ugly.’ And that’s something that my granny used to say to me when I was being a brat,” Boebert added.

“It’s like the most inoffensive thing you could say,” Loesch replied.

“She said, she said, ‘Don’t be ugly.’ Granny. Granny told me that a lot, though,” Boebert replied laughing.

“It’s like sounds like a very, a Coloradoan version of ‘Bless your Heart,’ right? Yeah. It’s not something…” Loesch added.

Boebert also took things further by denying that she was “BFFs” with Greene and chalked up their seemingly chummy relationship as nothing more than politics.

“I think the media saw two women in Congress, you know, there was nothing against her,” Boebert said. “We travel in the same circles, have the same policy views on a lot of things, not everything but on many things.”

(Via Mediaite)