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Jennifer Coolidge Saw Everything About Her ‘Sexy’ (And Famously Well-Endowed) Co-Star In His Dressing Room

Jennifer Coolidge is thriving.

The actress won an Emmy, Golden Globe (where she escorted to the stage by Colin Farrell), and Critics’ Choice Award for her performance in HBO’s The White Lotus; she’s also embraced her status as cinema’s most influential MILF since Mrs. Robinson.

Coolidge will next star in Shotgun Wedding alongside Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel (and not Armie Hammer). But who cares about J-Lo when you’ve got a bird’s-eye view of Lenny Kravitz’s dressing room?

“Lenny Kravitz had a room that [you could see] out my balcony,” Coolidge told Access Hollywood at the Shotgun Wedding premiere. “It, like, zeroed in it somehow. The point of view was just on Lenny’s balcony, so I saw everything.” Based on the rock star’s pants-splitting photos from a few years ago, that’s a lot of everything.

Coolidge continued, “He does have a guitar, but he also has a ghetto blaster [a boombox] with the best music because he has his compilation of music. I was hoping he would give me one of those tapes… He’s so sexy. I’m gonna ask him tonight [for a tape]. I’m so glad he’s here tonight. I’m gonna ask him for a lot of things.” Wink.

Shotgun Wedding comes to Amazon Prime Video on January 27.