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‘The Walking Dead’ Is Rising From The Grave On Netflix And Proving That Excitement Still Runs High For This Universe

With three spinoffs arriving soon and one about to end, The Walking Dead universe is seeing a resurrection on streaming. This might sound like an unexpected development if one considers that the franchise’s flagship series ended in late November. However, a few reasons exist for this new wave of interest in the Walkers. Season 11 of The Walking Dead arrived on Netflix on January 6. That’s excellent timing for the buckets of news announced by AMC during the past few weeks. The audience seems primed, given that the show’s now sitting in the Global Top 10 (with 17.94 million hours watched in one week) of English-language series.

The Walking Dead/Netflix Screencap
Via Netflix/AMC

What’s coming: the franchise’s first spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead, has been confirmed to end with an eighth season that launches in May. That series actually did hit a lag but managed to hit a real stride after putting villains first a few years ago. The World Beyond came and went during the duration, but the upcoming spinoffs carry more promise because, obviously, they star some already beloved characters from the universe.

Soon enough, the full plan should gel and reveal exactly what’s been going on with Rick Grimes since Andrew Lincoln ended up with the helicopter people. Grimes will appear in a team-up series with Michonne (which is speculated to take place in Philly), and Daryl Dixon will show us his Parisian adventures. Maybe he’ll even find a stale baguette to accompany his crossbow. As well, unlikely partners Negan and Maggie will head to Manhattan for The Walking Dead: Dead City, where some extra-disgusting zombies are apparently waiting in the subways.

In other words and as our own Dustin Rowles previously noted, there’s going to be no shortage of The Walking Dead content coming our way. It just took a little longer than previously imagined to get there.