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What Was Beyoncé’s Setlist For Her Dubai Show?

Over the weekend, Beyoncé’s concert in Dubai was the talk of social media — even among those who weren’t in attendance. Although fans weren’t supposed to record, naturally, the Hive kept fans informed, posting videos, reactions, and even the setlist from the coveted concert, which reportedly made the Renaissance singer $24 million.

Highlights of the show included Beyoncé bringing her daughter Blue Ivy on stage to perform “Brown Skin Girl” and performing with a Lebanese precision dance group for a remixed version of Naughty Girl that included Panjabi MC’s “Mundian To Bach Ke” instrumental and verse (a sly reference to her husband Jay-Z, who appeared on the remix, “Beware Of The Boys,” in 2002).

By all accounts, it was an unusual show for Beyoncé, who is usually known for her elaborate choreography. It was reported by an attendee that the normally exuberant singer was recovering from foot surgery, which could explain the lower-key, stand-and-deliver performance in contrast to her usual kinetic shows. You can see the full setlist from the private show, which spanned much of her solo career, below.

1.”At Last”
2. “XO”
3. “Flaws And All”
4. “Ave Maria”
5. “Halo”
6. “Brown Skin Girl”
7. “Be Alive”
8. “Otherside”
9. “Bigger”
10. “Spirit”
11. “Freedom”
12. “I Care”
13. “Beautiful Liar”
14. “Crazy In Love”
15. “Countdown”
16. “Naughty Girl”
17. “Drunk In Love”