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The ‘Harley Quinn’ Valentine’s Day Special Apparently Has Something ‘Incredibly Stupid’ And ‘Truly Obscene’ Up Its Sleeve

Last summer, Harley Quinn was renewed for a fourth season on HBO Max, making it one of the few shows that was marked safe during the merger incident. While there haven’t been many updates on the next season, fans will get a fun little treat in the form of a new Valentine’s Day special that looks and sounds like it will lean into the absurd side of the superhero series.

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special will hit HBO Max just in time to line up perfectly with your Valentine’s Day plans (or lack thereof). In the special, Harley promises her forever girlfriend Ivy that they will have a very “lowkey” VD that, unfortunately, ends up with a bunch of people doing it in the street. HBO Max is really trying to hold the fans over until that fourth season, it seems.

Writer and producer Justin Halpern took to Twitter to let everyone know that he values this episode almost as much as a child, which is both high praise and also a little worrying. “There is a sequence in this special that is incredibly stupid and I love it like a child. Not one of my children but maybe like a niece or nephew. Anyway really can’t wait for people to see it!” Halpern tweeted.

Hmm. Stupid and obscene. Sounds like a winner.

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special will premiere on HBO Max on February 9th. Check out the trailer above.