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Donald Trump Is Reportedly Scheming To Screw Over His Own Social Media Site And Return To Twitter

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, Donald Trump is reportedly making moves to abandon Truth Social and return to the warm, sweet embrace of his original online love, Twitter. The former president was invited back to the social media platform shortly after Elon Musk’s acquisition was complete, but at the time, Trump abstained from the offer. Not because he’s some some sort of savvy media analyst or anything. There’s a far more simple answer: Trump would lose a ton of money if he reneged on his exclusivity contract with Truth Social.

However, Trump’s contract with Truth Social expires in June, and according to a new report, he doesn’t plan on renewing it. Via Rolling Stone:

Since late last year, former President Trump has informed several people close to him that he doesn’t want to re-up the exclusivity agreement with his social media company, Truth Social, two sources familiar with the matter tell Rolling Stone. “There’s not going to be a need for that,” is how one of the sources recalls Trump describing his soon-to-expire contractual obligation.

Ever since Musk offered Trump a chance to return to Twitter, there has been talk that Trump wouldn’t be able to resist jumping ship. The platform offers the former president the sweet dopamine rush that he was accustomed to as one of Twitter’s most prolific posters, and also, Truth Social is rapidly bleeding money and users.

Of course, the big question is whether Twitter will still be around by June. Musk has been making drastic changes since taking over the social media company, which has caused a steep drop in advertising revenue. Donald Trump could very easily be trading one digital graveyard for another if Musk doesn’t find a way to stave off bankruptcy.

(Via Rolling Stone)