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Tom Hanks And Pete Davidson Were Somehow Both Nominated For The Same Two Razzie Awards

It’s that time again to celebrate those iconic movie performances from 2022 by awarding actors with tiny statues that are worth a lot of money and even more industry clout. Of course, we are talking about The Razzies, the awards that celebrate the worst movies that came out last year and shame everyone involved.

Yes, a lot of these movies were made during a pandemic, and times are tough and all of that, but the Razzies aren’t about to stop their tradition. This year, there is a tight matchup between the best actors of the last 50 years: Tom Hanks and Pete Davidson.

Davidson gave multiple legendary performances last year, including playing the “guy who f*cks” in Bodies Bodies Bodies and snagging the leading role in a Hellman’s mayo commercial. But not all of them can be winners, which is why he is nominated for both worst actor and worst supporting actor at this year’s Razzies, for his voice role in Marmaduke and his cameo in Good Mourning, two things you probably did not see.

Up against Davidson is Hanks, nominated for his roles in both Elvis and Pinocchio. But given Hanks many, many stellar performances, he’s allowed to phone it in every once in a while. Also securing nominations is Ana de Armas in Blonde and Jared Leto in Morbius, which is still going down as one of the most confusing movies ever.

The Razzies are awarded yearly to actors, though they have been a little kinder as of late. Last year, they rescinded Bruce Willis’s Razzie award for Worst Performance after it was revealed that the actor was suffering from a rare brain disorder. So, maybe they do have hearts after all! But not for Blonde. You can check out the rest of the nominations here.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)