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Chace Crawford’s Jacked Physique Tells Us Exactly How Much The Deep Has Gotta Work Out Over Timothy The Octopus (RIP)

(Spoilers from The Boys will be found below.)

Who would have thought that it would be possible to feel slightly sorry for The Deep by the time that The Boys Season 3 rolled around? Chace Crawford’s character began as a sexually assaulter of a Supe, who then fell into a cult and came back and worked towards some form of twisted redemption. Then Homelander, who’s also rape-y and even more malignant, made The Deep eat his true love, Timothy The Octopus, while the little critter was still alive. Here’s how that looked if you wanted a refresher.

Timothy Octopus

This was only one of a handful of situations that made Crawford believe that he might never work again, but the Timothy thing hit The Deep where it counts. Is it no wonder that he might be hitting the weights hard for his Season 4 arc? Crawford seems to be into it even as The Deep has some sh*t to work out. Witness the Instagrammed proof:

Yep, The Deep must need to blow off some serious steam. And you know, Crawford is allegedly not welcome at aquariums anymore, either, but I can’t wait for the inner dialogue to arrive because, man, poor Timothy. RIP into infinity.