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A Totally Not Insecure Don Jr. Asks Kimberly Guilfoyle If His New Rumble Show Is Going ‘OK’ After Ranting For An Hour

Because nepo babies are all the rage right now, Donald Trump Jr. launched his new Rumble show Triggered With Don Jr. on Monday night. In an extremely on-brand move, things got off to a bumpy start. The former president’s son proceeded to rant for an entire hour because if there’s one thing this family loves to do it’s talk forever with no rhyme or reason to what they’re saying.

However, this time around, Don Jr. showed a surprising amount of self-awareness as he became noticeably insecure about the state of the show. At one point, he actually turned to Kimberly Guilfoyle for reassurance after realizing he’d be blabbing the whole time. To her credit, Guilfoyle took the opportunity to throw Junior right under the bus. Via Raw Story:

Trump Jr. then introduced his “boss,” namely his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, to which he asked, “was that okay?” in reference to his performance.

“I actually love it,” Guilfoyle replied.

It was like an hour rant,” Trump Jr. said.

“This is what you do at home and now everyone gets to see,” Guilfoyle joked.

Triggered with Don Jr. will reportedly be a home for “free speech and diversity of thought,” according to its titular host. As for what that means, well, expect such stimulating conversations as, “Boy, it’d be great if my dad still had the nuclear codes” and “Wokeness: The real school-shooter, amirite?”

Also, Don Jr. referred to himself as a “successful businessman” in the press release, so apparently, they’ll be a fictional element, too. Sounds neat.

(Via Raw Story)