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Right Wingers Are Furious At Lindsey Graham For Defending Biden’s Classified Doc Scandal: ‘I Would Be SHOCKED If There’s Anything Sinister’

Is there ever a moment when at least one sizable group isn’t angry at Sen. Lindsey Graham? That’s an actual question because he’s frequently making people furious. Whether he’s mad at himself for inaccurately predicting a so-called “red wave” or embarrassing Republicans by babysitting Herschel Walker and even irritating Democrats by crying over the dude, Graham knows how to dig himself into a hole.

In his latest faux-pas, he’s now enraged certain portions of the GOP voting base by defending President Biden. As everyone’s well aware, there’s a major controversy brewing after the Justice Department raided Biden’s Delaware home and uncovered classified documents, some of which date back to his decades in the U.S. Senate and others from his vice presidency. Lindsey Graham was asked about the subject, and he was quick to defend Biden. Yes, that’s somewhat surprising.

As revealed in the below clip from podcaster Brian Tyler Cohen, Graham declared, “Ive known President Biden for a long time. I would be SHOCKED if there’s anything sinister [with those documents].”

It doesn’t matter much, although it’s very entertaining, that Graham also declared (twice in one day via Aaron Rupar), “If you come to my house, you’ll find Chick-fil-A bags all over the floor.”

Nope, the right wingers are not giving him a pass. Instead, they’re referring to him as a “RINO Snake” and an “embarrassing squish.” Yikes.

Even Jenna Ellis jumped into the pile. Not a great day for Lindsey Graham!