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Mia Goth’s Performance In ‘Pearl’ Was Snubbed By The Oscars, And Fans Are Having Social Media Freak-Outs In Tribute

Mia Goth has been making a name for herself in the horror genre, probably to fulfill the prophecy that was set by her ancestors for being named “Goth.” But, to her credit, she has been churning out some of the most notable horror performances of the last few years, like X, Pearl, and Suspiria. But Goth’s crying face, unfortunately, did not tug at the heartstrings of the Academy voters, who snubbed Goth out of any nomination.

Historically, horror movies don’t get a lot of love at awards shows (unless it’s movies about the horrors of male friendship), so isn’t too surprising that Ti West‘s two slashers starring the actress were shut out of the awards. Still, Goth’s fans have been showing up on Twitter with their favorite clips to prove that no matter what the academy says, she is a star!

Goth probably doesn’t mind, though. Her latest movie Infinity Pool premiered at Sundance this week with to accolades, so maybe she can secure a nomination in 2024. As for the X series, MaXXXine is slated to be the third and final film in the franchise, so get ready for Goth to pull out all of the stops. We might even get another Fleetwood Mac cover if we’re lucky.