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Runnner Feels Stuck On His Cathartic New Single ‘Runnning In Place At The Edge Of The Map’

The singles from Runnner’s forthcoming album Like Dying Stars, We’re Reaching Out have been strong whirlwinds of feeling. “NYE” found Noah Weinman asking, “Am I choosing what’s important?”

Bike Again” dove into melancholy confessions: “It’s so embarrassing / How much I want to call you now.”

“Runnning In Place At The Edge Of The Map” is the newest single out now. Defeatedly, Weinman contemplates the present by comparing it to the past: “Was I better then: / When I sang about my dog with my friends? / Can I understand what’s curving away from my hands?” The twangy guitars are magnetic, and the vocals are poignant — it’s a visceral song.

“I wrote this song about feeling frustrated in my communication and video games,” he said in a statement. “I’d work myself into a kind of mute, catatonic state, and the more I tried to think through it, the more stuck I felt. The only way I could picture it was like when your character in some open-world game is just running into that invisible wall over and over again.”

Listen to “Runnning In Place At The Edge Of The Map” above.

Like Dying Stars, We’re Reaching Out is out 2/17 via Run For Cover Records. Pre-order it here.