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Samia Reflects About Partying And The Aftermath Of It In Two New Songs: ‘Honey’ And ‘Breathing Song’

Samia returned with two brand new songs today, ahead of her sophomore album, Honey, officially dropping later this week.

The first, “Breathing Song,” finds her reminiscing about emotional encounters she’s had while drinking. “I shouldn’t have picked up / Your logic was giant / Rendered me on my way and quiet / And I loved coming over / ‘Cause it felt like dying,” Samia sings through the electronic production.

“Tried writing ‘Breathing Song’ a thousand times and couldn’t get it right,” Samia shared in a statement. “Played one of its iterations for Molly Sarlé on Zoom, and she was like, ‘You just told me a really powerful story before you played this, write it again and just tell the story,’ so I did; I just said what happened, from my perspective. Got to play it for her again when it was finished and we cried.”

The other, the album’s title track, takes a slighter happier tone… At least on the surface.

“Honey’ takes place in the same world as ‘Breathing Song,’” she added. “It’s about always being drunk enough that you don’t have to look around. To me, it’s the saddest song I’ve ever written because it’s mocking my attempt to convince people I was good. Caleb Wright turned it into a campfire song, though, and I love that it can be interpreted as fun too.”

Listen to Samia’s two new songs, “Honey” and “Breathing Song,” above.

Honey is out on 1/27 via Grand Jury. Pre-order it here.