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Trump’s Team Is Reportedly Stunned They Can’t Find Anyone Big To Show Up At His South Carolina Rally

Do you know that Donald Trump is running for president again? It’s easy to forget. After all, he hasn’t exactly been campaigning — or leaving Florida much (unless it’s to make things real awkward at a memorial service). But he is, and he’s ready to hold his first big rally in ages, on Saturday in South Carolina. He handily defeated Biden there in 2020, and yet he’s having a bear of a time getting anyone big to join him on stage. It’s so bad his own team has been left stunned.

Maggie Haberman, who at least used to be the mainstream (read: non-Fox News or -Newsmax) reporter Trump talked to most, went on CNN to speculate on why Trump’s team has been coming up empty-handed. It could be because he, as she put it, “has not been running what one would consider a rigorous effort so far.” It could be that his fund-raising may be “struggling,” meaning the purportedly super rich guy simply can’t afford to hit the road like he once did. But that’s not the only rude awakening for Team Trump.

“I think they are also finding, his team, that people are not swelling around him in the Republican Party in these states the way they had believed,” Haberman said. “Now he still has supporters and still has his operation, it’s pretty small. I think they thought they would be able to get all of these people to just show up for him.”

She added, “He’s over and over and over learning the lesson he is not president anymore and for a lot in the Republican Party someone they want to be passed.”

Then again, this is Teflon Don, the guy who’s never had any serious comeuppance for his prolifically dodgy behavior. There’s always a chance he’ll inexplicably, undeservedly bounce back. But for now, the big guy needs a win, and gaming the system so he wins a golf tournament isn’t one.

You can watch Haberman’s CNN appearance in the video below.

(Via Raw Story)