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‘GoldenEye 007’ Gets A Surprise January Release Date For The Switch

People love GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64. A legend in dorm rooms and sleepovers across the world, GoldenEye is still in many people’s minds one of the best multiplayer experiences ever made. Not only is it one of the many reasons the Nintendo 64 is famous for its multiplayer, but it also is credited with being one of the first console first-person shooters to take off — before GoldenEye, that genre was largely considered a PC only experience.

So when it was announced that GoldenEye would be coming to the Switch, people were understandably excited, but they didn’t still have a release date to work with. On Wednesday, to surprisingly little fanfare, Nintendo announced that GoldenEye would finally be hitting the N64 collection on the Nintendo Switch Online service on Friday, January 27.

Friday is the perfect day to release a game famous for its multiplayer. It’s when everyone has nostalgic memories of getting home from school, rushing to their friends’ house, and playing into the early hours of the morning while screaming at whoever decided to choose Oddjob. While the Switch won’t be able to replicate that experience perfectly, its online multiplayer and portability will give us the closest experience you can get without breaking out the old N64.