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Polo G Is The Proud Owner Of The First Chain With A Screen Thanks To An Iced Out iPhone

Polo G might have just started a new trend when it comes to styling jewelry. The Chicago rapper took to social media recently to share that he turned his chain into an “ice box.” Polo, whose real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett, is no stranger to loving the finer things in life. At this point, who doesn’t expect every rapper to sport an icy chain?

The diamond-encrusted chain dripped on his next with what appeared to be a holder for a mobile device. It’s unclear how much the “Martin and Gina” rapper paid for the piece, but you can imagine it probably wasn’t cheap.

When it comes to music, the rapper has kept himself busy. Recently, Polo dropped his latest song, “My All,” which was released this past December. His latest song follows his previously-released tracks from 2022, like “Bag Talk” and “Distraction.” Presumably, these tracks will show up on the rapper’s forthcoming album.

While there has been no word on a title or official release date, fans should expect to hear something soon, hopefully.

“I know I’m registering with people and helping them get through their sh*t,” Polo told Complex last summer. “It’s a good feeling because I get those messages, like, ‘Oh, you got me through a rough time.’ I really know how that be.”