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Stan Van Gundy Called Out Patrick Beverley For An Extremely Blatant Flop

Athletes of all levels, particularly on the professional scale, are known to embellish contact from time to time in hopes of a more favorable whistle from officials. Patrick Beverley has been no stranger to this concept throughout his NBA career, much like many of his peers. During Tuesday’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, the veteran point guard took selling the call to a whole new level when he was stripped on a drive by Terance Mann and tumbled to the floor.

As the replay flashed across the broadcast, color commentator Stan Van Gundy made clear that the foul Beverley was trying to pitch did not, in fact, occur at all.

“Patrick Beverley going down like he got hit in the head,” Van Gundy said. “He did not get hit in the head. That was a pretty good acting job.”

The brief pause from Van Gundy after his first statement is the patience of a wise comedian. Van Gundy knows humor is all about timing. The silence builds suspense, and he delivers. Brian Anderson, running play-by-play duties on the call alongside Van Gundy’s analysis, rewards his co-host with a hearty chuckle. Van Gundy relishes his joke as well. Well done, fellas.

Beverley’s embraced the theatrics of NBA basketball since joining the league in 2012. Tuesday was no different, and Van Gundy lightheartedly wasn’t letting it slide.