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A Food Delivery Guy Wandered Onto The Court During Loyola-Duquesne To Deliver McDonald’s Courtside

One of the great things about going to a mid-major school is you can get terrific seats to basketball games, particularly weeknight tips against non-marquee opponents.

However, the food offerings at the arena are usually lacking, so you usually have to choose between eating something tasty and watching the game. On Wednesday night, one fan at Duquesne decided they didn’t want to have to make that choice, and fired up Uber Eats to get themselves some McDonald’s delivered to the game. The result was a delivery guy wandering onto the court during play to make a courtside delivery, resulting in a brief stoppage, some serious confusion, and hilarity from the broadcast team.

This is genuinely one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen happen during a basketball game, as this guy is just trying to do his job and get this McDonald’s to the person who ordered it, but strolls through the court while a play is happening — there’s players like 3 feet from him! It’s absolutely incredible and I have a number of questions about how this even happens.

For one, how does the delivery guy get into the building? Do you not need tickets at Duquesne?

Secondly, is there any security at this arena? How is he just strolling onto the floor? Is a bag of McDonald’s as good as a credential at Duquesne? How was this man not stopped by anyone?

Thirdly, does the delivery guy notice where he is and/or that the game is happening as he strolls across the court? Is this the most dedicated Uber Eats driver in history? Get this man a raise.

Finally, and this is just a general query I have, why do people get McDonald’s delivered? There are few things that have a shorter shelf-life than McDonald’s french fries in going from “elite” to “borderline inedible.” Why tempt the fates by getting them delivered to you, where you’re going to pay more for food that’s arriving lukewarm? I don’t think I’ll ever understand that one.

For anyone wondering, yes, the guy that ordered the food got his McDonald’s eventually, as the delivery guy wandered the arena in search of them.

I hope he tipped well.