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How About That, George Santos Managed To Not Tell A Single Lie During His First House Speech

There are low bars and then there’s George Santos doing what he did during his first-ever House speech. The GOP representative quickly became the biggest bête-noire of the House’s freshman class, and for good reason: He misled voters about his background by telling one whopper after another. But credit where credit’s due, we guess: He managed to not lie for a whopping minute and 15 seconds. Baby steps!

As per Mediaite, Santos took to the House lectern on Wednesday for the first time. What did he talk about? Something important: Iranian protesters, whom he called “brave.” He then proceeded to accurately quote a speech Ronald Reagan delivered in 1967. Hey, this guy once defended himself from accusations of lying by dropping a fake Winston Churchill quote.

But there’s more! The bit about how there’s a sizable population of Iranians in his district? True! He also noted that fellow Republican New York representative Claudia Tenney introduced a resolution supporting the Iranian protesters. That — even coming from the mouth of the guy who falsely claimed his mom died in 9/11 — was also correct.

Look, you gotta report the good with the bad, and when a serial fabulist accused of stealing GoFundMe donations intended for a dying dog does something right, it’s worth giving props. Then again, you wouldn’t need to compliment a political figure for telling the truth if that political figure didn’t have a storied history of telling lies.

(Via Mediaite)