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The ‘Succession’ Black Hats Are Back, And It’s All-Out (Civil) War For The Roy Family In A New Season 4 Teaser

Tensions are very high in the Roy family, which means it’s time for another season of everybody’s favorite dysfunctional family drama, Succession! Season four of the Emmy-winning series will follow the Roy children as they play a slow-moving chess game against their father, who secretly sold Waystar Royco at the end of season three. As Shiv exclaims in the trailer: “This is not about getting back at dad, but if it hurts him, it doesn’t bother me.” And that’s the family motto!

HBO finally released the teaser for season four, which will premiere on March 26th. In between the family bickering, scheming on private planes, and Shiv’s iconic outfits, we also get to see a glimpse of Willa and Connor’s wedding, so that should be interesting. Plus, the black sleuthing hats are back just in time for those spring fashion trends to pick up again. Before you know it, everyone will be walking around New York looking like this:

Brian Cox Succession

The whole clan is back for the 10-episode season, along with newcomers Annabeth Gish, Adam Godley, Eili Harboe, and Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson. It’s unclear if this will be the final season of the drama, though Cox has been openly against overstaying his welcome on the show, so if there were ever a time for the Roy family to go even more off the deep end, it would be now!

Check out the Succession season four trailer above. You can stream the first three seasons on HBO Max.