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Yours Are The Only Ears Returns With Hopeful ‘Dreamers’ Single From Her Upcoming ‘We Know The Sky’ Album

Yours Are The Only Ears, aka Susannah Cutler, has been quiet since her 2018 debut album, Knock Hard, but the New York singer-songwriter is back today, January 25.

Cutler revealed her first new music since Knock Hard by dropping the introspective, lo-fi single “Dreamers” and announcing her album, We Know The Sky, will arrive on March 24.

“‘Dreamer’ is about waking up to the realization that you need to move on from a painful relationship,” Cutler said in a statement, per press release. “When someone isn’t able to see how their behavior hurts you, it’s OK to let go of them and trust that there’s something better out there for you. However, moving on and reckoning with the parts of yourself that you’ve denied can be equally painful. This song is about that process and learning to trust yourself.”

The soft track finds Cutler aptly singing about falling asleep and living “inside my dreams” but not knowing what they mean. It turns out, living inside of her head is an act of escapism from confronting someone who is hurting her.

She sings, “I want it to be / Like how I thought it was gonna be / Like how I thought it was supposed to be.”

Cutler acknowledges the person won’t change and she won’t wait around for it anymore. She promises to “be stronger tomorrow.”

According to press release, We Know The Sky is “an album that doesn’t shy away from the hard work it takes to walk past every door, and greet whoever you find in there” as Cutler is “peeling away the mask of who she thought she should be, and instead embracing the beautiful, ever-changing kaleidoscope of who she actually is.”

“Dreamer” certainly succeeds in introducing that theme. Listen above.

We Know The Sky is out 03/24 via Lame-O Records. Pre-save it here.