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Flo Milli Delivered On An Impeccable Remix Of ‘Conceited’ That Features Lola Brooke And Maiya The Don

Flo Milli returns with an impeccable remix of her song “Conceited” which now has new features from Lola Brooke and Maiya The Don.

“Milli got millis / ‘Cause Milli got hits,” she opens the song before breaking the beat to introduce the other girls.

“Remember that when you see this motherf*cking face,” Milli adds during the talking break. “Get used to both of these faces, b*tch / ‘Cause we ain’t going no motherf*cking where b*tch.”

The three women hype each other up in the studio, right as the song’s remix continues. Brooke’s verse brings the heavy-hitting vibes, and the red lighting in the video reflects that. Maiya The Don equally carries the track, giving her own spin on Milli’s lyrics.

Still, the updated remix version keeps the original hit’s chorus, as the girls repeat “Feeling myself / I’m conceited” — giving some seriously powerful energy in the process.

About two weeks ago, Brooke performed at Flo Milli’s Los Angeles concert, according to a TikTok video of her singing her own “Don’t Play With It.” Considering the duo now have also jumped on a track together, it seems their friendship is close in all aspects.


Lola Brooke performing Don’t Play With It at the Flo Milli concert in LA. I love her energy 🔥🫶🏾😍 #LolaBrooke #dontplaywithit #FloMilliConcert #LAconcerts

♬ original sound – Halaii 🎀

Listen to Flo Milli’s new “Conceited” remix with Lola Brooke and Maiya The Don above.