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The First Episode Of ‘The Last Of Us’ Is Now Available Stream For Free On HBO Max

You may have been on the fence about starting The Last Of Us, HBO’s latest hit series that follows charmingly grumpy apocalypse survivor Joel as he sets out to protect a young girl who might be the key to survival. You’ve probably seen the memes and Pedro Pascal’s various wholesome interviews floating around and thought, “Hey, maybe I should watch this guy,” but never really got around to it. Well HBO knows that, and they really want you to get hooked, so they are offering the first episode for free. Are you on board yet?!

Ahead of the next episode in the series based on the popular video game franchise, HBO is streaming episode one for free in hopes that some more people will want to join the Pedro Pascal hype train. Episode three of the nine-episode season will air Sunday at 9 pm, and that one won’t be free. Sorry.

You can watch the first episode in the series by simply going to HBO’s site and clicking play without needing to sign up. It’s truly never been easier to watch an unsettling post-pandemic zombie wasteland! Of course, to watch the next episodes, you’ll have to purchase an HBO subscription. But that also makes Succession available to you before season four premieres in March, so it might not be a bad idea. The choice is yours.