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Mike Lindell’s Bid For Head Of The RNC Ended With Him Getting A Comically Low Number Of Votes

In between running a successful pillow company and devoting his time to less successful attempts to prove the 2020 elections were bunk, Mike Lindell thought he could add another job to his pile: being the head of the Republican National Committee. Alas, that proved yet another Lindell failure.

As per The Daily Beast, Lindell — who announced his aspirations for the gig back in November — saw his dreams squashed on Friday when he got a mere four votes in the first ballot. By contrast the ultimate winner — incumbent head Ronna McDaniel — won with 111 votes, out of 167 total.

Just as Lindell continues to think the 2020 election was riddled with voter fraud (it wasn’t), the chaotic MyPillow guy also believed he could win a key spot in the Republican party. He didn’t even come close. That said, a Rasmussen poll of Republican voters revealed that most voters vastly preferred him over the person who ultimately nabbed the spot. Alas, it’s not voters who elect RNC heads.

It’s a shame, as Lindell has done so much for the Republican party. He’s selflessly sacrificed a large chunk of his fortune to spreading buck wild, unprovable conspiracy theories about an election that happened over two years ago. His reward? Getting four votes in his failed attempt to be head of the RNC.

(Via The Daily Beast)