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Mike Lindell Is Stoked About Being ‘Humiliated’ Again When He Returns To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Mike Lindell has been humiliated so much it’s almost as though he enjoys it. For the last two years, the MyPillow guy has burnt up a chunk of his fortune attempting to prove the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. He hasn’t. Lindell even tried to get elected as head of the RNC, which comically backfired. Not content with that embarrassment, he can’t wait to return to yet another place where he suffered a massive public failure.

The Daily Beast spoke with Lindell about his returning to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, on an episode that also features Pam Anderson. Lindell did the show back in 2021 and though it could have been worse, it did not go well.

“He said I can come, but I got to go in the claw game because I’m not vaccinated,” Lindell claimed, referring to one of Kimmel’s favorite on-air games. He added, “I am trying to save our country.”

Lindell even said he’d be “safer in the claw game with everybody shedding,” alluding to a (baseless, of course) conspiracy theory claiming vaccinated people can infect other people because it contains a “live virus.” (It does not.)

When asked if he thought he’d disgraced yet again, Lindell said he’s sure he will be. “But I am willing to be humiliated to help save our country,” he replied. At least when asked if he’d consent to being tested for COVID-19, he said, “100% I am going to do that.”

You can watch Lindell’s second go with Kimmel on Tuesday night’s episode starting at 11:35pm on ABC.

(Via The Daily Beast)