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The ‘Bosch’ Cinematic Universe Is Finally Taking Flight With Amazon Ordering Two More ‘Bosch’ Spinoffs

Amazon knows a sure thing when it sees it. The streaming service is once again betting big on Bosch by announcing two new spinoffs, one of which is based on a character that hasn’t even been introduced yet. Unlike the previously announced, Bosch: Legacy, these spinoffs will actually focus on someone besides Titus Welliver’s titular police detective.

The two series will revolve around J. Edgar played by Jamie Hector and Renee Ballard, a character from the Bosch books who has yet to appear in the streaming series. At the time of this writing, it’s unclear whether the spinoffs will be available on Amazon Prime Video or Freevee.

Here’s the logline for the untiled J. Edgar spinoff via The Hollywood Reporter:

A police drama following Harry Bosch’s former partner, Detective Jerry Edgar, who is tapped for an undercover FBI mission in Little Haiti, Miami. In this glamorous city, he is forced to balance his new life with the gritty underbelly of the city, while being chased by his mysterious past.

And the untitled Renee Ballard series:

Detective Renee Ballard is tasked with running the LAPD’s new cold case division. Beyond simply investigating unsolved crimes, Renee is dedicated to bringing credibility to the department and justice to the community. Having learned from retired ally and mentor Harry Bosch, Renee does things her way – solving cases in unconventional ways while navigating the politics of being a woman on the rise in the LAPD.

Hopefully, this news will be a calming salve to your dad who’s still reeling from the news that Kevin Costner may be leaving Yellowstone and taking the show down with him. Just pat the big guy on the back and tell him, “Shh, shh, there’s more Bosch coming. You like Bosch, don’t you? Yeah, you do.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)