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Britney Spears Resurrects Her Hit Song ‘Oops I Did It Again’ For A New Off-Camera Instagram Performance

Britney Spears posted a new video to Instagram where she gives a modern rendition of “Oops I Did It Again” for her fans and followers. While you can’t exactly see her in the video, as it’s pointed at what appears to be the ceiling in her house, she does kick up her vocals in this short clip.

“Have you guys heard !!! I’m a star now mamma !!! LOL just kidding !!! Most of this sounds pretty flat … but I liked DOING IT AGAIN !!! Wait OOPS !!! That was so lame I know !!! All good in the neighborhood … as most smartasses say !!! You gotta be kidding me !!! NOPE !!! I’m not !!! Oh kiss my f*cking ass !!! AND stay classy beautiful people,” Spears captioned the post.

At intervals in the video, it also is clear that it’s been filmed at different times and edited together, with Spears possibly wanting to make her vocal take as seamless as possible. After posting, she also followed it up with some selfies of herself in bed that were taken during her time in London.

Last year, Spears made her return to singing with a collab between her and Elton John titled “Hold Me Closer,” which was a partial remix of his hit, “Tiny Dancer.” It seems there might be more from her in the future too.

“Hearing Britney sing in her real voice on her own terms makes me so happy y’all,” a fan wrote on Twitter, since the pop star turned her Instagram comments off.

Check out Britney Spears singing “Oops I Did It Again” above. Below, find some more fan reactions.