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Lil Baby And James Harden’s Friendship Origin Has Nothing To Do With Sports Or Music, But Rather, Women

Grammy-nominated rapper Lil Baby may not be the most vocal on social media, but that hasn’t stopped him from having quite an active social life. Whether he’s rubbing shoulders with television and movie stars on the set of Saturday Night Live or blowing nearly $600k gambling with fellow musician Drake, the “Forever” rapper seems like the life of the party. Baby’s friend, NBA basketball player James Harden, is another high-profile figure with an alluring cloud of mystique surrounding him.

While out celebrating his performance at this year’s Grammy Awards with friends at Nightingale in West Hollywood, TMZ caught up with the musician to ask him about his famous friendship with Harden. When asked about how the pair became so close, the answer had nothing to do with their love of sports or music.

The Atlanta native replied, “He’s a sniper. I’m a sniper.” That may sound as if it is related to their professional endeavors, but in fact, it is a metaphor for their love of the ladies. Lil Baby and Harden have been linked to several women in the industry and have bounded over that shared interest.

When they aren’t chasing the ladies, the pair are often spotted out at major events. The latest is the NFL Conference Championship matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadephia Eagles.