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Instead Of Replacing James Corden, ‘The Late Late Show’ Will Simply Be Killed In Favor Of A Reboot Of ‘@Midnight’

Streamers aren’t the only wing of the entertainment industry going through some stuff right now. So is late night TV. Trevor Noah up and left The Daily Show late last year, and so far the show has gone with temporary guest hosts. Then there’s The Late Late Show. James Corden is skedaddling from the CBS staple, which has been held up the 12:30am slot since 1995. Who will replace him? The answer: no one.

As per Deadline, CBS is likely going to deep-six the nearly 30-year-old show. Instead of a chat show, it will be replaced by a reboot of @midnight, the Comedy Central panel show that ran from 2013 to 2017 in which contestants compete in a series of improv games related to social media jokes, memes, and culture. The show will not bring back its original host, Chris Hardwick, but it will feature Stephen Colbert, who hosts its preceding program, The Late Show, as executive producer.

The Late Late Show began not as a comedy show but as a more serious affair, hosted by the very serious Tom Snyder. By 1999 it had morphed into another yukfest, hosted by Craig Kilborn. He was followed by Craig Ferguson (who’s also returning to late night TV), then Corden. And so the show ends with a man who was revealed to be rude to waitstaff at an NYC restaurant.

(Via Deadline)