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Missy Elliott Gave Jay-Z His First-Ever Ride In A Lamborghini

It might be hard for you whippersnappers out there to believe, but once upon a time, Jay-Z was not the biggest rapper in hip-hop. In fact, despite some of the baller raps from early in his career, some of his first encounters with the trappings of wealth came through other rappers who were more successful than him at the time.

Missy Elliott, who was a hitmaking juggernaut in the mid-90s and early 2000s, shared a funny anecdote on Twitter about how she gave Jay one of his first luxury experiences. Along with a video of the two rappers strolling through a hallway backstage at the recent Grammys, she nostalgically recalled giving Jay his first-ever ride in a Lamborghini.

“fun fact Jay said the 1st time he ever rode in a Lambo car was mines over 20 yrs ago,” she wrote. “now look he probably own a damn spaceship with a alien driver.”

It’s pretty funny to think about Jay being driven around by a Martian (and only slightly more far-fetched than learning he had never been to Central Park, despite living in New York all his life). But it’s also a reminder that Missy is one of the most delightful follows on social media.

Missy Elliott is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.