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Squarespace’s Super Bowl Commercial Stars Not One, Not Two, But Dozens (Hundreds?) Of Adam Drivers

Someone tell John Oliver: Adam Driver’s Super Bowl commercial has arrived.

Squarespace (it’s impossible to not read the company name in the voice of your favorite podcast host) has released its ad for Sunday’s game starring Adam Driver. And Adam Driver. And Adam Driver. And about two hundred more Adam Drivers. In “The Singularity,” the 65 star has his mind blown by the concept of a website that makes websites, “meaning it could create itself,” he says. The existential crisis of a commercial ends with dozens of Drivers getting sucked into a black hole, or something, and the original Driver looking into the camera to say, “You did it, Adam Driver.” You sure did.

“I couldn’t be happier to do this commercial with Squarespace and for the Super Bowl,” Driver told Rolling Stone. “The cast ALONE was reason to do this.”

Squarespace founder Anthony Casalena added, “We are thrilled to be back at the big game for our ninth year. Partnering with Adam Driver to satirize our origin is a fun way to honor where we’ve been as a company. While we started off as a website that builds websites, Squarespace has evolved into a powerful platform that provides all of the tools entrepreneurs need to turn an idea into reality and start a thriving business online.” Congratulations to the first cast member of Girls to get a Super Bowl ad.

You can watch an extended cut of “The Singularity” above.