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Chiiild Inches Closer To Dropping ‘Better Luck In The Next Life’ With His Emotive ‘Antidote’ Single

When Chiiild dropped “Bon Voyage” last November, he hinted that Better Luck In The Next Life was coming in 2023. December brought “You Get Me (A Final Word),” and then March 3 was identified as the album’s official release date around the arrival of “Good For Now” featuring Lucky Daye last month.

Today, February 8, “Antidote” joined the list of Better Luck In The Next Life singles.

“‘Antidote’ is about being enamored by a person,” Chiiild said in a statement. “It describes the infatuation of watching someone live life optimistically and simply wanting a piece of that because they symbolize the light for you. It is a representation of the idea that this person could save me from any emotional or physical struggle.”

The lyrics viscerally bear that out.

The ethereal track takes listeners into Chiiild’s vulnerable inner monologue. He’s in awe of someone as “the light, you are my only source” and wonders “where you are when your eyes close” because “I know you’re hurtin’, but it barely shows.” He opens himself up to a scary possibility: “Are you the one?Are you the antidote?”

Chiiild is set to begin his Better Luck In The Next Life Tour on March 2 in Santa Ana, California. All dates and ticket information can be found here.

Listen to “Antidote” above, and watch the Better Luck In The Next Life trailer below.