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What Is The Correct Pronunciation Of ‘Beyhive?’

Beyoncé is at the tip of everyone’s tongue for various reasons. To be fair, she always is the topic of conversation somewhere, but she’s everywhere right now. Beyoncé became the most Grammy-awarded artist of all time despite controversially losing out on Album Of The Year. That’s before mentioning the metaphorical carnage surrounding ticketing to her forthcoming Renaissance World Tour.

In other words, the Beyhive is busy. But how do you pronounce the name of Beyoncé’s zealous fan base?

The overwhelming response across Reddit is that “Beyhive” is pronounced like “Bee Hive” with Beyoncé as the Queen Bey (pronounced Queen Bee). Google also has you covered, and if you still aren’t totally convinced, Bomani Jones used it in a sentence on his HBO series Game Theory earlier this week.

Jones addressed people — namely, Stephen A. Smith — comparing Rihanna to Beyoncé ahead of Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII halftime performance on Sunday, February 12. Jones was asked if Rihanna “can outdo Beyoncé” and cited the Beyhive as a driving force behind his answer.

“I got on one side the Beyhive, the other side — what, they call themselves The Navy, and you want me to pick one?” Jones said. “And the answer is Rihanna cannot outdo Beyoncé for one reason. Stop the clapping! You’re going to get me in trouble. Beyoncé’s from Houston.”