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Kyrsten Sinema Is Pushing Back On George Santos’ Claims That She Told Him To ‘Hang In There, Buddy’

Welcome to another lesson in “stop interviewing George Santos, he’s just going to lie to you.” During a Thursday night appearance on Newsmax, the embattled congressman fielded questions about his tense exchange with Mitt Romney at the State of the Union address. Romney reportedly called Santos an “ass” and told him he should be “embarrassed” for himself, prompting a back and forth between the two. While no one can be seen coming to Santos’ aid, he told Newsmax that Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema briefly comforted him after the tense exchange.

According to Santos, Sinema told him to “hang in there, buddy” and was “very polite, very kindhearted.” He also accused Romney of having “prejudice towards minorities.”

“She’s a good person, unlike Mr. Romney, who thinks he’s above it all,” Santos said. “And his whole mighty white horse trying to talk to us down on morality.”

Of course, this is George Santos we’re talking about, so you’ll never guess what happened when NBC News reached out to Sinema’s office to confirm his story:

But that never happened, Sinema’s spokesperson Hannah Hurley, told NBC News, calling Santos’ comment “a lie.” The two lawmakers never spoke, Hurley said, and Sinema was not aware of the exchange between Santos and Romney until the GOP senator filled her in afterward.

To the surprise of no one, Santos office declined to comment further and being caught in yet another lie is the last thing the congressman needs right now. Earlier in the week, House speaker Kevin McCarthy confirmed that Santos is facing an investigation from the House Ethics Committee, and CNN reports that Republicans have signaled that Santos could face “expulsion from Congress” depending on the results.

(Via NBC News)