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Rihanna Comforted Patrick Mahomes After Brandon Marshall’s Prank Involving Her: ‘I Still Think You’re Great’

Rihanna revealed a lot in her Apple Music interview about the Super Bowl Halftime Show yesterday, February 9. She talked about the struggles of having to cram an electrifying performance into just 13 minutes, which made her change the setlist a whopping 39 times.

The “Umbrella” singer also caught up with football player Brandon Marshall that same day at a press event. He was feeling like a prankster, though; earlier that week, he asked Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, “Rihanna came out and said that you are the greatest quarterback ever. Hearing that, how does that make you feel?”

“It makes you feel great,” Mahomes answered. “Whatever Rihanna says is like the gospels. So I’m glad that she went with me for that honor.”

“She didn’t. I was messing with you,” Marshall revealed.

When Marshall informed her of this, Rihanna comforted Mahomes by offering apologies, “I’m so sorry you went through that,” she said. “I still think you’re great.” Upon learning about the lie, she said, “That’s so mean. He is mean, OK.”

In her Apple Music interview yesterday, Rihanna also discussed new material. “Musically, I’m feeling open. I’m feeling open to exploring, discovering, creating things that are new. Things that are different. Things that are off, weird, might not ever make sense to my fans [or] the people that know the music that I put out. I just wanna play. I wanna have fun. I want to have to fun with music.”