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The Best Pizza Deals For Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, which means if you’re planning on attending a Super Bowl party, throwing one, or just simply feel like watching it solo at home, you’re going to need some good food. Although Super Bowl Sunday isn’t a holiday (yet, give it time this country is crazy) we still treat it like one, which is why there is a certain selection of foods that we consider must-grabs for the weekend.

Hot dogs, homemade chicken wings, and some kick-ass chili verde — they’re all essential for a good Super Bowl spread. But if we had to pick a quintessential Super Bowl food, we’re going with pizza.

Preferably, a lot of pizza! This is why we’re shouting out all the best deals from the big pizza chains that’ll get you a lot of food for cheap. A lot of these deals are holdovers from National Pizza Day (which was yesterday) which means you can order them as early as right now, but some have game-day in mind.

Hungry? Let’s get to ordering!

7-Eleven — The 7-Eleven Game Day deal will you get one large one-topping pizza and a 2L of soda for just $8.99

Blaze Pizza — Fans of the custom pizza chan can pick up a large one-topping pizza for just $10 when you make an online order for carry-out. It’s not enough to feed a party but it’s good for some solo game-watching.

California Pizza Kitchen — CPK started its Valentine’s Day special early. From this weekend until February 14, you can pick up an appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert for $40. That might not be enough for an entire Super Bowl party, but if you’ve got a potluck situation going on, that’s more than enough and you can eat the dessert yourself before you arrive!

CiCi’s Pizza — CiCi’s fans can get two large one-topping pizzas and your choice of 20 cinnamon rolls or 16 pieces o cinnamon bread for just $28. For $34 you can pick up two large one-topping pizzas and boneless or traditional wings.

Dominos — Right now Dominos has a few relatively cheap deals that will help you bring some extra food to snack on for your Super Bowl spread. Using the Mix and Match deal you can bring home medium two-topping pizzas, two bread side orders (including cheese bread and cinnasticks) loaded tater tots, boneless chicken wings, pasta, sandwiches, salads or desserts for just $6.99 each.

That’s two 12-inch medium pizzas for less than $15. That’s a steal!

Hungry Howie’s — Hungry Howie’s big deal is almost identical to Dominos. It even has the same name! The mix-and-match features your choice of any two menu items for $7 each. Your options include medium one-topping pizzas, two small two-topping pizzas, no-dough bowls, or eight-piece wing orders.

Marco’s Pizza — Marco’s has a number of delicious deals including unlimited medium-sized one-topping pizzas for $6.99 each (using the code MED699), xLarge two-topping pizzas for $13.99 each (using the code HD1614), or two medium one-topping pizzas, cheesy bread, and a 2-liter of your choice (using the code HD189).

Papa John’s — Papa John’s has taken a page out of Hungry Howie’s and Domino’s playbook with the Papa Pairings. Choose between wings, brownies, Papa-dillas (a pizza quesadilla hybrid, yes it’s as stupid as it sounds) bread sticks, medium one-topping pizzas, or other snacks for just $6.99 each.

Also for a limited time, Papa John’s is also selling the new Crispy Parm Pizza for just $12.99. It’s a thing crust pizza with parmesan and Romano cheese baked right into the bottom of the crust. I’ve had it, it’s delicious. It has this wonderful crispy mouthfeel and is the perfect pie for a true cheese head.

Pizza Hut — In terms of numbers, Pizza Hut has more new products than any other brand out there right now. New products don’t necessarily result in big savings, but if you’re looking for something a little different this Super Bowl, the Hut is your place.

Right now Pizza Hut is selling the Big New Yorker Pizza, a 16-inch pie with six extra-large slices topped with two different types of pepperoni, a sweeter marinara sauce recipe, and parmesan oregano seasoning for $13.99. That’s less than a dollar per inch!

Pizza Hut also has what they’re calling “Pizza Hut Melts” for $6.99 which are essentially small calzones with an open seam that is perfect for dipping. If pizza isn’t what you’re after (why are you reading this article) then you can also get Cheesy Alfredo, Over-baked Italian Meats, Oven-Baked Chicken Alfredo, or Oven-Baked Veggie pasta bowls for just $8.99.

Round Table — Round Table’s new large Stuffed Crust pizza is just $22.99. The pizza comes topped with crispy mini pepperonis and a side of Mike’s Hot Honey. Not going to lie, this isn’t the best deal out there if you’re trying to save money.