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Lil Durk’s Latest Fashion Choice Inspired Hilarious Reactions From Fans

Lil Durk‘s recent fashion choice has fans scratching their heads. The Chicago-bred rapper was recently spotted sporting a very unique piece of clothing while attending a basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks at the Arena in LA. The “OTF ” rhymer wore what appears to be a fuzzy sweater with a broken skateboard attached to the front. Fashion designer Johnathan Anderson is the one behind the design of the peculiar garment which is causing quite a stir.

The sweater is part of the innovative designer’s namesake brand JW, which debuted last June during Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

As expected, the skateboard-adorned sweater caused quite a stir on social media. It didn’t take fans long to offer their hilarious opinions on the rapper’s recent fashion choice.

“Man, rich people be wearing anything now, next, you’ll see a whole kitchen as a fit,” one fan jokingly predicted.

“You think he kicked or pushed to get this on?” another person tweeted.

“He does know that’s just supposed to be runway art, right?” one person wrote.

But not everyone agrees. Some folks are actually a fan of Durk’s new look.

“That dude actually pulled it off y’all hating,” another fan tweeted.