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The Jets Have Reportedly Called The Packers About An Aaron Rodgers Trade

The New York Jets are rather desperate to get some good quarterback play. The Jets have been searching for a franchise quarterback for well over a decade, having not had the same starter for more than three consecutive seasons since Chad Pennington from 2002-2007.

Since then, they’ve struck out with high draft picks on a number of occasions, most recently with Zach Wilson who was benched rather unceremoniously this season for Mike White after continued struggles in his second year under center and the Jets being competitive in the first half of the year in spite of that play. Given their inability to successfully draft and develop a QB, the Jets are taking their search to the trade market in hopes of landing a veteran signal-caller, and as they did in 2008, they’re turning to the Green Bay Packers in hopes of landing a future Hall of Famer.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the Jets have reached out to the Packers about Aaron Rodgers’ availability, as the four-time MVP is trying to figure out his future — currently doing so on something called a darkness retreat.

Rodgers would, unquestionably, be an upgrade for the Jets, but there has to be at least a bit of concern that they’d end up paying a premium for a quarterback on the decline — the Broncos, of course, serving as the current cautionary tale with Russell Wilson. Still, the Jets will probably be thrilled to take that risk given how poor their QB play has been for years, but that can only come to fruition if Rodgers signs off on New York as a destination.

The Jets started this past season 7-4, showing there is some talent on both sides of the ball, but closed the year on a six-game losing streak amid QB struggles despite some stout defensive performances. Rodgers may see the Jets as closer to contending than the Packers, who likewise might be ready for a fresh start.