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LGBTQ daughter surprises mother with pregnancy after secret IVF

Many parents dream of becoming grandparents. Oftentimes, people think about grandkids before they even become a parent as a “when I’m old” daydream about what life will be like at a later stage. It shouldn’t be surprising that some parents of adult children may feel a little bummed when their child decides not to have children or can’t have them. Or in some cases, parents assume their child’s membership in the LGBTQ community would prevent them from having babies.

The majority of parents simply want their children to be happy, so they readjust their dream and support their children. But in the case of one mom of an adult child, her assumption was simply wrong.

TikTok creator Aurelia uploaded a video to reveal a birthday surprise for her mother wrapped in a large box. She explains to her mom why she’s recording but doesn’t give away what’s inside the box.

Shortly after unwrapping it, Aurelia’s mom pulls a teddy bear dressed in a t-shirt and little pants out of the box. Through excited confusion, she yells, “What is this?!” before Aurelia instructs her to press the paw on the bear.

The unmistakable sound of a baby’s heartbeat can be heard and that’s when more screaming occurs as the clues click into place. “When your only child is a lesbian so you give up on having grandchildren,” reads the writing across the screen. Currently, the video has 16.2 million views and over 2.5 million likes.

It had to be difficult for Aurelia to keep it a secret that she was pregnant, knowing how badly her mother wanted grandchildren.

Nowadays, being part of the LGBTQ community doesn’t automatically exclude you from having your own biological children should you want them. As for Aurelia, she kept her IVF treatments a secret in an effort to surprise her mom, writing on the screen, “studs can do this my IVF journey twins.”

Stud is a label used among Black people within the LGBTQ community when a Black lesbian presents in a more masculine manner. And Aurelia not only proved that masculine-presenting people can and do carry children, she just gave her mom the best birthday present she’ll ever get.

Congratulations Aurelia and grandma-to-be. Wishing the new mom a smooth, healthy pregnancy and delivery.

See the new grandma’s reaction below:


Don’t ever give up on the ones you love because you never know when they’ll surprise you🙈🧸🥰#fyp #ivfjourney #studtiktok

You can see the rest of her reaction here:


Here’s another part of me giving my mom the gift of a lifetime! #fyp #ivfjourney #studtiktok #twins #GetCrackin