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Ethan Hawke Would Like To Remind Everyone Of That Time He Switched Seats To Enjoy ‘His Moment’ With Rihanna

Father’s Day is always a great time to turn the dad jokes on dads. Last year, Maya Hawke paid tribute to her dad, veteran film star Ethan Hawke, who happened to go googly-eyed over Rihanna at the 2015 NBA All-Star Game. As the story goes (and as revealed in these Getty images), Ethan attended that game and found himself with one person in between himself and Rihanna while enjoying courtside seats. That’s what Ethan alludes to with Photo #1 in an Instagram post as shown below. The “one person” happens to be Ethan’s son, Levon. Well, Photo #2 showed dad switching seats with his son, who may or may not have been face-palming in embarrassment. Photo #3 is shown above and may or may not reflect Levon’s amusement at the situation.

Ethan enjoyed Rihanna’s “brilliant” halftime show (and he is in good company, including Cardi B.), so he’s reliving his momentous 2015 occasion. On Instagram, he also wrote, “I’m hoping my son can find it in his heart to forgive a Dad for taking his moment.”

Ethan does look rather pleased with himself in Photo #2. However, he leaves some important stuff out here. As in, what are Ethan and Rihanna discussing in that third photo? That’s real “fly on the wall” territory, but I’m gonna go with this: they were definitely discussing The Purge.